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A collection of stills through the eyes of Jack Henry Moore
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Echoes of the Underground

We interviewed Lee Harris - a man who had many connections with Jack. Below are some selections of his interview as he firstly discusses Jack's unique style and talents and then moves on to discuss how it felt in London during the time of the Counterculture - 1960s.

"Jim was the facilitator he could make things happen but he loved the ideas of Jack, he was very surreal, might be trippy in the sense. He knew a lot about Buckminster fuller and the dome. He was apart of the new cybernetic age, he was a pioneer of new thought and new technology, even at the Artslab he would play with things - I think that's why John Lennon used to come down sometimes."

It was a special creative time, if you were young and creative, there was a lot of exciting things to do. And so for me, IT was wonderful because I started writing. Like Sex and Theatre. I loved theatre, I had chance to go to all the underground theatre events and mimes. I was going to do a play with Jack. We both loved theatre and sparked all sorts of theatre ideas." - Lee Harris

Lee's book 'Echoes of the underground' "is a collection of ‘underground’ writings by himself, the majority of which were originally published in the alternative press of the 1960s and 1970s, primarily in the UK; in addition to venues such as International Times, Oz, Home Grown and ‘Other Scenes’."

We are pleased to announce that Lee will be visiting us again next month as the 'Guest of Honour' at our Teaser Showcase Event.

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