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A collection of stills through the eyes of Jack Henry Moore
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Eyes of the world

Rob Hanson is a 2nd year TV and Radio Production student from the University of Salford. With a huge passion for production and documentaries, the Dig project offered Rob the perfect opportunity to excel in these areas by working with Jack Henry Moore's archive.

In Rob's induction, Dig set out what he would be doing over the course of the project: digitising, logging, pre-production, photography and peer-mentoring. The thought of ‘digging’ through Moore’s archive was exciting for Rob, especially given Jack's knack for cropping up in all kinds of interesting and culturally significant events.

Rob enjoyed the experience of being in a real business environment and learning new skills such as digitising umatic tapes, logging archive material/interviews, researching key events in Jack's life and photographing a collection of 300+ posters; all of which he shared through peer mentoring students from UTC and Salford Futures.

Since starting this project, Rob has improved many of his life-skills such as time management, mentoring and his lateral way of thinking. As well as serving a great learning experience as part of his degree, Dig has also been a really enlightening experience for him culturally.

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