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A collection of stills through the eyes of Jack Henry Moore
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The Persistence of Memory

Investigating the showreel titled ‘Videoheads 1968-1975,’ a curious tape titled ‘3-D Chez Dali,’ reveals the story behind the relationship between Moore, The Video Heads and Dali. In 1975, the Videoheads caught the attention of surrealist artist Dali through their video exhibitions held in Paris along the Champs-Élysées The time-delay cameras enabled people to view themselves in their most recent past, 5-10 seconds prior, as a visual memory. With Dali on board, the Videoheads created an installation of Dali’s experimental art exhibition in the Grand Palais.

3-D Chez captures the celebration of the installations’ success, as a spontaneous gathering unfolds with the Videoheads, Dali, his manager Robert Descharnes, a photographer from Italian Playboy Magazine and 6 or 7 nude models altogether in Dali’s suite. Moore remembers, ‘Dom Perignon was opened and toasts were drunk.’ The collaborative nature at the heart of the Videoheads ethos is the reason behind many of these extraordinary stories captured in Jack’s archive.

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